Bigpay scammer caller beware

Dear friends and family, This happened to me at 2:38pm, 8th Aug 2020.


I received a call on WhatsApp, a man posing as a personal calling from BigPay, speaking in Bahasa, telling me that AirAsia choose me and will be crediting Rm1,000 to my BigPay account as a rebate. They even use the BigPay logo as their account picture on WhatsApp.

What I needed to do was to just read the OTP number sent to my message and they will credit it to my account.
They even sent the number through 62000, like how usually BigPay sends OTP to me.

I was really suspicious. So I gave them the wrong OTP number. The man knew immediately that was the wrong OTP and within seconds, he sends me a second OTP number and told me to read carefully and don’t give the wrong one again.

At this point, I’ve decided to put down the phone and call BigPay customer service to verify if there are any rebate program going on. The same number kept on calling me on WhatsApp two more times while I was waiting on the phone to speak to a representative from BigPay.

Turns out it is a scam!

BigPay representative told me as follow:-
1. BigPay won’t call anybody through WhatsApp.
2. DO NOT give out your OTP number to ANYBODY.
3. They will make a report and do more investigations.
4.DO NOT trust anybody that calls from any banks or financial institutions.

So people, don’t be greedy and think that it’ll be easy money. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.

I’ve added a few pictures below and the number that called me. Please be careful.
People are desperate in these trying time.

Stay safe and stay sharp!

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