Vincent hu scam hotwheels


I should have checked the group for scammer info. Someone already shared this guy is scammer.
Advertised the Kroger exclusive 96 Porsche Carrera. RM65/pc agreed deal. After make payment, promise to dispatch on Friday – now senyap, x jawab FB or WhatsApp. Account FB dah tutup, WA offline .

To convince me to buy and he is trustworthy, he has alot of story about travel overseas in F&B line. I also bodoh bodoh trust him as genuine seller.

Told him I am buying Kroger car because it has sentimental value to me. If you see picture of man with real 1:1 Porsche 993 in silver, that is my dad. The Kroger was meant for my dad as souvenir as he sold his classic car not long ago.
Be careful.

Scammer details:
Hu Vincent 0147011705 (now maybe change number)
CIMB 7073901972
Also sent me pictures of his TH collection. Not sure if real. Watch out for this.

To the scammer, if you are still here and watching – I hope you use the money for something good. Else the karma will come back on you.

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